• Member of round table discussion on the occasion of the International day of Women & Girls organized by the EU INC consortium to discuss women experiences and initiatives for women with leadership jobs in science.
  • Outreach session on Gene editing and ethics: CRISPR-Cas9 from Beta break and SPUI25, Amsterdam, NL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9Ahx7c6C4c)





  • November 2016: Workshop on Epigenetics as Forensic application to determine chronological age at Innovation congres organized by the ministry of Safety and Justice 'Binnenste Buiten', Den Haag, The Netherlands. https://www.innovatiecongresvenj.nl/
  • November 2016: Materclass on Epigenetics for VWO students at Vossius Gymnasium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • November 2016: Lecture on how to improve grant writing at the Academic Medical Center, 'How to prepare a successful MSCA ITN propsal in EU H2020', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • October 2016: Presentation for cancer patients at Cancer Week Symposium, UCD, organized by BREAST - PREDICT Irish Cancer Society Collaborative Cancer Research Centres 'Epigenetic regulation and its contribution to a diseased state', Dublin, Ireland
  • April 2016: Service training presentation at symposium Oncologische zorg in beweging. De rol van epigenetica in gezondheid en ziekten en de ontwikkeling van epigenetische therapieën, Harderwijk, The Netherlands.
  •  http://www.oncologischezorginbeweging.nl/Programma/
  • April 2016: Contribution to exhibition Art-Science Route@Science Park Amsterdam, New Realism http://newrealism.org/
  • Oct, March 2014-2016: Masterclass Stem Cells and Epigenetics for VWO students, October and March




  • Sept 2013: The impact of Synthetic Biology in the future, BE-Basic consortium - Athena Institute, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Oct 2013: Contribution to 'Praktisch Lesmateriaal 6th class VWO students together with It's Academy



  • April 2011: Girlsday Organized by VHTO, Popular scientific lecture, ‘Wie ben ik, wat onderzoek ik, waarom is wetenschappelijk onderzoek zo interessant’ Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • March 2011: Member of expert panel ‘scholieren debat’, Gender Day, Science Center Nemo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Sept 2011: Discussion with Prof. Robbert Dijkgraaf ‘The impact of synthetic biology on Science and Society’ (context of iGEM-Amsterdam-2011), Amsterdam, the Netherlands